Short-term fostering is when a child or young person lives with a foster family temporarily and can start from as little as an overnight stay to a few months. The idea is that the short-term foster carer provides the ‘stop-gap’ for a vulnerable young person who needs a safe environment until a more permanent home can be found.  

During this temporary placement, longer-term fostering preparations will be reviewed or there will be an assessment to work out when the right time is for the young person to return to the care of their birth family. However, whenever this short-term placement ends, the positive effect it has on the foster carer and child will last a lifetime.

For a young person who has experienced instability, short-term fostering and positive interactions with foster families can contribute to their development of trust in adults. 

Sometimes short-term placements can become long-term if it is determined that it is best for everyone involved. Whether it evolves into a long-term placement or it does not, short-term placements allow foster carers to make a meaningful difference in a child’s life, even if their role is temporary.  

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