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What is Emergency Foster Care?

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Emergency fostering is a temporary solution for children who have been removed from their homes and find themselves in need of immediate support and safety.

Ranging from a single night to a couple of nights, emergency foster care involves being flexible and able to adapt in the face of challenging situations, whilst more permanent arrangements are made.

The main goal of emergency foster care is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children who have been removed from their homes. The nature of emergency foster care means that foster carers are often given little time to prepare before taking in a child or young person. With this in mind, Olive Branch Fostering provides plenty of support and training to ensure foster carers are equipped to provide the best care.

Emergency foster care can be challenging as children may have come from an abusive and neglectful background. They could arrive feeling confused and scared, so it is important that foster carers are patient and kind. Emergency foster carers must also have a spare bedroom available in their home where the child or young person can spend the night.

Foster carers should be willing to work with the child's social worker, birth family, and other professionals to ensure that the child's needs are being met and that they are making progress toward a return to the birth parents or a placement in a more permanent home.

The process of becoming an emergency foster carer starts with filling in forms to provide key information. A member of the team will then organise a home visit where a more in-depth conversation to answer any questions and start the assessment process. Once approved, potential foster carers will be able to start training and will learn about a range of topics, and how to prepare for a placement. Finally, they’ll be invited to meet with an independent panel, who will make the final decision.

All emergency foster carers will receive a weekly fee that covers all of the needs a child may have, such as clothing, food and transport.

Emergency foster care is a vital service that provides children with a safe and supportive environment when they are in urgent need of protection and safety. While emergency foster care isn’t always easy, it can be incredibly rewarding. Foster carers have the opportunity to make a positive difference in a child or young person’s life when they need it most.

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Date published

30 March 2023

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